Natural ways to keep fleas at bay.

Natural ways to keep fleas at bay.


Flea season is up on us again! The worst part of the warmer weather for most pet owners is keeping fleas at bay. A flea infestation is certainly not nice for either your pet or yourself. As always prevention is certainly better than cure and with natural remedies you can keep on top of the little blighters before they take over your life! 

Fleas are resilient little pests and have been around for centuries. These little parasites survive by biting and drinking the blood of the host. They then lay eggs, which either stay attached to the host or fall off landing in the area your pet has been. These eggs will hatch or stay dormant until a new host walks passed. 


So what can you do?

Over the years of owning animals and having a house full of pets, I have found the best way to control and combat any infestation is by using natural products and elbow grease! Natural products are not only kinder to the environment, but they are also kinder to your pet and household furnishings. 

Apple cider vinegar. 

Apple cider vinegar is my everyday go-to. I use this after each bath time. After shampooing and rinsing my dogs and cat I dilute the apple cider vinegar and pour it over their coat. Massaging the vinegar into their skin. After a few minutes, I will then rinse the excess vinegar out of their coat and dry your dog as normal. I also add apple cider vinegar to my dogs' water every day. Externally the apple cider vinegar will kill the fleas that are on your dog. Internally the apple cider vinegar will prevent them staying on your dog and using them as a host. It's cheap and so effective!

Diatomaceous earth. 

Diatomaceous earth is a soft, crumbly, porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms. It comes as a white powder and can be used on all furnishings in the home, in your garden, and safely rubbed in your pet's fur. The minute parts of the Diatomaceous earth actually cut the hard shell of the flea and the flea will then bleed out. It has the same effect on y the flea eggs rendering them nonviable for hatching. I swear by this stuff and as a weekly user I can pretty much guarantee its benefits. Word of warning, do NOT go over board with use in the house, this stuff can be hard to vacuum up if you put down too much.

Lemon and Rosemary spray. 

This is another great flea preventative. It's again using natural ingredients and costs next to nothing to make. To make the simply add a full lemon cut into quarters, with a handful of Rosemary to a pint of boiling water. Leave the concoction to stew for a few hours and strain the solid ingredients out. Then simply add to a spray bottle. This can be used to spray your dog before each outing and as a spray around your home too. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is just a fabulous product in general! The benefit of coconut oil for fleas is its soothing properties in the coconut oil. This can be rubbed into your dogs coat to help with the effects of flea bites. It will ease the itch, help skin repair and give your dog some relief from the constant itching. 

Too all fellow dog and cat owners....Good luck in your flea war this coming summer x

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