The benefits of Bone Broth for dogs.

The benefits of Bone Broth for dogs.

Bone Broth
The magic ingredient that helps your dog thrive! 
    Did you know there are many nutrients that your dog cannot obtain through commercial dog foods, especially highly processed dog food? These are just a handful; amino acids, collagen, gelatin, and trace minerals. Nutrients are an essential part of maintaining a healthy hound and keeping them vet bills down! This is why you should certainly consider adding bone broth to their diet. They'll not only love you for it but their health will certainly be improved! 
Bone broth is a nutrient-dense stock that benefits both animals and humans alike. Bone broth is used to treat leaky gut syndrome, digestive issues, and allergies including skin irritations, and joint pain boosts the immune system, and has bone-building minerals that are all natural! 
Bone broth is easily digestible making it absorbable for the body. and can be used to hydrate kibble or add to your raw/meat-fed dog's dinner.     
You can make your bone broth by getting raw bones from your butcher and simmering them with some carrots and anything extra you want to add or you can purchase it from a number of places. 
The benefits of bone broth.
  • Decreases chronic inflammation.           
  • Good for the skin and coat. 
  • Boosts the immune system. 
  • Improves gut health.  

Go on give your dog a boost of the good stuff! You can thank us later. 

Thank you for reading, The valley pet shop family.

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