Tips to help with shedding in dog's

Tips to help with shedding in dog's

Shedding dogs has to be the biggest headache for dog owners. Shedding is a natural behavior that occurs usually in the spring and autumn but for some dogs that have thick double coats, this can happen all year round. 

Shedding occurs to make room for the new coat that is coming through and to prepare for the next season that is coming.

My belgium mali and bull lurcher dogs.
The shedding in our house looks like I'm weaving a new rug! 
So can you stop shedding?? 
Unfortunately, you can't stop the natural process of shedding but you can manage it to a degree. 
  • Regular brushing will help with the shedding process. There are millions of brushes out there to choose from but our 2 favorites are the shedding blade and the old-fashioned bristle brush! You can find these on our website in the grooming section. 
  • Feeding your dog a healthy diet can also help the process. This happens because hair follicles become more resilient with a healthy diet. Always check the ingredients in the food you feed.
  • Keeping your dog hydrated will also help with the process. Many people like to add water to their food if they are feeding dry kibble, me included. This helps with hydration.
  • Regular baths can also help but please be aware that bathing too much can also remove the natural oils from your dog's coat. 
  • Health issues can be a big reason why dogs molt. Parasites like fleas and tics can cause excess shedding and other conditions like allergies, liver conditions, thyroid issues, anxiety, and stress are just some of a long list of issues that can cause excess shedding. Always get a vet appointment if you are concerned. 
Adding oils to your dog's food is a great way to keep on top of shedding as well as giving them healthy skin and joints. Olive oil, flaxseed oil, and salmon oil are highly recommended for adding to your dog's diet! Salmon oil is my go-to and can be found under the health section on the website. Oils work because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that help calm inflamed skin, decrease dandruff, and improve overall coat texture. 
Pristine houses and sparkling floors are not what dog ownership is about but they make up for the mess and endless amounts of hair every single day! Enjoy them and love them because their time is over way too quickly and you'll be wishing you had the hair back!
Happy Tuesday and Happy valentines day!! 
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