Why it's important to feed our wild birds.

Why it's important to feed our wild birds.

Here in the UK, we are blessed with a beautiful variety of wild birds. Wild birds have a great impact on the ecosystem, so much so that without them we probably wouldn't have as many beautiful plants and trees around. This is because birds help in cross-pollination. They pick up and disperse seeds around helping in the sexual reproduction of

plants and flowers. 

The other great thing that wild birds do is keep the insects and rodents in check! Robins love nothing more than to feed on meal worms and live foods. 

Wild birds are also part of a food chain, which is not nice to think of these beautiful creatures being part of a food chain but it's the way nature works and keeps sustaining this beautiful planet. 

Who likes to eat what? 

  • Goldfinches, siskin, and redpoll - smaller-sized seeds like Nyjer. 
  • Woodpeckers, tit, and starlings - Love fat balls, and peanuts.
  • Greenfinch and tit's - Sunflower hearts are the fav here! 
  • Sparrows, wood pigeons, and Collard Doves - prefer the larger seeds. 
  • Thrushes and waxwing - windfall fruit. 
  • Robins and Thrushes - mealworms and live food. 

Winter is harsh on our beautiful birds. To help them through we can feed them seeds, nuts, and fats but what we can also do is plant! Plant fruit bushes/trees will help the birds take care of themselves all year round and it will help the insects which the birds also feed off! 

No matter the size of your garden or terrace there are many ways you can feed the birds. There is no better feeling in the morning than watching the beautiful wildlife start their day whilst enjoying a nice coffee! 

On this website, you will find a wide variety of different foods you can purchase to feed the wildlife in your local area! 

Happy bird spotting!  


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